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Di 500电竞's privacy policy
About this Privacy Policy
Di 500电竞 promised to protect your personal data in accordance with relevant laws. This Privacy Policy describes how degu la la handles personal data. In this privacy policy, personal data refers to any information that can be used to identify natural persons.
Using the website of degu la la represents your acceptance of the terms and the terms of use of the de Gu la la privacy policy. If you do not agree with the above terms, please do not use these websites.

Processing data
The personal information collected by Di 500电竞 is for practical needs, such as the name, address and contact method of customers, which will be used to supply goods, provide corresponding services, and provide feedback to customers on products and related activities of degu la la. These data mainly come from individuals involved in the data.

Data processing purpose
Di 500电竞 may collect and process personal data for the following purposes, including:
1) in order to contact consumers and professional customers, such as representatives of customer service related matters.
2) in order to promote the products and services of degu la la company, if the relevant law stipulates that the sender must hold the written consent of the recipient, he will get written consent first.
3) to collect feedback from the activities of degu la la, and to evaluate and develop the products and services of degu la la company.
4) in order to implement the powers and obligations involved in the contract between degu La La and personal information.
5) in order to meet relevant laws and regulations.

Protection of personal data
Di 500电竞 promised to take the necessary technical and organizational measures to prevent unauthorized access to your personal data. These include encryption methods, access control, user rights control management, and guidance for employees to process personal data.

Transfer of personal data
Di 500电竞 may disclose your personal data to the degu la la group company and the authorized third party authorized by degu La La for data processing. Di 500电竞 may transfer your personal data to foreign data processing places. Regardless of the geographical location of the data, degu la la promised to ensure that such transfer is based on applicable laws, and your data is properly protected.

Your right as data owner
As a data subject, when you relate to your data processing, you have the following rights:
1) in the process of processing your personal data in degu la la, you have the right to ask for a clear right about this data related document.
2) you have the right to delete or update incomplete, redundant, erroneous and obsolete parts of your personal data.
3) you have the right to cancel the promotional materials received from degu la la.
Please pay attention to other conditions and rights that may be involved in the data subject.

Information recording
Like other websites, the website of degu la la uses an information recording program. The information recording program is transmitted from the website to the user computer and stores the small files that users are browsing through the browser. When the user returns to the same website, the website uses the information recorded in the program to retrieve data from the website so that Internet users can know the websites that have been browsed.
When visiting the website of degu la la, the information recording program can be stored in your computer for the convenience of using our website. You can change the browser to set up a disable information recorder, but this may delay the operation of the website and prevent some of its contents.

Additional clause
In addition to this article, degu la la may provide additional information and additional provisions, such as personal data processing related specific circumstances (advertising and marketing activities, etc.). Di 500电竞 reserves the right to change his privacy policy at any time. If you have any personal data processing related questions, please contact info.fi@tikkurila.fi.
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