Libras often pursue peace and harmony. Libra has elegant appearance, kindness and good friends. Libra is best at interpersonal relationships, and it is indispensable to entertain friends and show goodwill. Libra will focus on the choice of wall and soft clothes, and the taste style will appear immediately. Libra requires a bright and airy room, full of primal colors and texture. Warm and soft tones are most suitable for classical, simple atmosphere.  

Product line

Multi scheme design, inspiring color matching inspiration

La la la alpha La La beta
  • F458
  • G477
  • M497
  • V481
  • V487
  • Y481
  • H495
  • K498
  • L487
  • V487
  • Y462
  • Y487


Suggested retail price: 588 yuan / month.