Leo has great ideals. It always wants to become a human being by its own efforts. It also looks forward to being admired by the feeling of being worshipped. Sunshine, enthusiasm, self-confidence and generosity are all his characteristics. Leo is afraid of loneliness and fear of loneliness. TIKKURILA firefly lacquer lights up stars on lonely nights, making your room like the night sky of the world of children's paintings, stars, or TUNTO sea based cloth perfectly inject into your home life, with simple colors or TAIKA Aurora Borealis gold / silver lacquer, the atmosphere is noble, gentle and elegant.

Product line

Multi scheme design, inspiring color matching inspiration

Leo alpha Leo beta
  • G401
  • G438
  • J428
  • M350
  • N429
  • Y354
  • Two thousand and twenty-eight
  • Two thousand and thirty-three
  • F497
  • Y421
  • Y441
  • Y467


Suggested retail price: 588 yuan / month.