Cancer people have the perseverance to persist in the end, to care for people, and to care for their families. Cancer has a very strong desire for warmth. The mind is very delicate. It enables people around to feel the warmth of their hearts. Solid and stable family life is the source of his inner security. The requirement of cancer for the family is warm, comfortable and natural. TAIKA-stardust and TUNYO-kivi can meet all the needs of cancer for the home environment.

Product line

Multi scheme design, inspiring color matching inspiration

Kansas alpha Kansas beta
  • Hopea
  • Kulta
  • Sininen
  • V481
  • V502
  • Vaalea
  • KP27
  • KP31
  • KP44
  • KP49
  • KPA
  • KPC


Suggested retail price: 588 yuan / month.