Usually we think that Taurus is very conservative and stable. It is his attitude towards life. Once it changes, it will feel unrealistic. Taurus people have artistic cells, highly appreciating the taste and ability of any art. Simple and restrained colors and texture are the first choice for Taurus. Single color is usually the first choice for Taurus, so it can give more additional functions under monotonous colors. For example, the practicability of magnetic paint and blackboard paint is perfect.

Product line

Multi scheme design, inspiring color matching inspiration

TAS alpha Tare beta
  • H401
  • H484
  • N411
  • N429
  • N439
  • V487
  • N339
  • N439
  • N494
  • N500
  • S491
  • S500


Suggested retail price: 588 yuan / month.