Art lacquer

(golden autumn - pre-sale, August 1st listing in Chinese market)

True taste never shows its own way, it is only for the sake of making a fool of oneself. True taste is the accumulation of time in the deep heart, the tireless pursuit of the heart, and the uncompromising compromise of details. Di 500电竞's art lacquer is made by the famous Finland designer maureka and the master oil worker tulmo. The fine quality materials are carefully selected and meticulously designed and painted with originality. Every detail is wonderful. In order to protect the quality, the products of all the art products of the di gleera are all imported from Finland, with the An Zhe tools from Sweden, making the wall a unique art, shining at any time and occasion.

That's what she did.

  • 1. Tengtu fine particles roll onto the wall.
  • 2. use an zhe scraper to scrape solid modeling.
  • 3. use an zhe sponge to wipe the paint.
  • 4. a large amount of diluted paint.